Dental IT Experts

Dental Vault is the brainchild of dental innovators with more than a decade of experience in Dental Technology. We recognized a glaring need for a solution to secure the integrity of data protection and to address the exponentially increasing threats of malicious ransomware and malware attacks. These attacks impact practices all over the country every day and cause unprecedented losses for a single incident.

USA Based - Dallas Texas
15+ years' experience - Founded in2004
Dental IT Experts - 35+ team members
24/7 Support - 99.9% same-day tick response
5-star rated - 700+ Happy Dentists
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Our Mission

Dental Vault’s mission is simple: to end downtime, caused by IT issues, for dental offices nationwide. We do this by continuously creating updated copies of your server’s data, including patient charts, X-rays, payment ledgers, etc., securing it, and making it accessible at any time. Whether rebooting from the cloud or your server, a complete copy of your server is available for effortless deployment.

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Our Vision

Dental Vault’s vision is to be dentistry’s #1 dental backup provider. Our vision drives our team to innovate by giving any practice, regardless of size, the ability to go back in time and recover the entirety of their data before an attack, reduce downtime and get back to business faster. It is accessible, easily understandable, and affordable, making it the simplest and most comprehensive failover solution ever made.

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Core Values

Move fast, think big

Own it

Act with integrity

Dentistry is a team sport

"The old ways of backing up your data no longer work. I created Dental Vault to combine back-ups with disaster recovery plans, so when a practice gets hit, they don't have any downtime."

Ian Lynch
Ian Lynch Founder