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Our onboarding process is streamlined to ensure your practice's needs are fully met. Our customer success team will help guide you through you every step of the way.


Meet the dental vault customer success team!

We will seamlessly migrate you from your initial sales rep to the onboarding team.

At this time we will:
Share our company history and provide references.
Review the implementation process and establish expectations.


We will first establish a foundation before we configure the deployment of your data backup package. It is critical to understand the process and capabilities.

We will:
Provide an overview of the services provided.
Set up discovery calls with in-depth product review and implementation.
Go over bandwidth requirements.
Discuss what is expected of us, and you the client.
Set up a Q/A session.


The discovery stage is all about ensuring that the Dental Vault team understands your process.

We will:
Gain an in-depth look at your infrastructure and devices.
Gather all the information we need to deliver a seamless backup and or failover.
Go over any advanced features of our services.
Discuss both your current and future needs and requirements.


By this stage, you will be very familiar with our services and your package in order to maximize your safety and deliver peace of mind.

We will:
Address any final questions regarding your implementation.
Share any best practices.
Process the deployment of your selected package.


Project sign-off may conclude the onboarding process, but it is the beginning of our relationship to ensure that you are ready to go. Our team will confirm that all deliverables have been met.

The local backup server connects to the host and takes a backup of the selected systems.
The backed-up data is compressed, reducing the data footprint, minimizing  the impact on the network and accelerating uploads to the cloud—since  less data needs to be transferred.
Once seeded, the server performs incremental backups, recording only changes.
The backup server updates on a set schedule, while sending changes securely on a separate schedule to the cloud.

DV Backup

Complete Cloud Backup
How it works

DV Virtual Cloud

Complete Cloud Backup
+ Fail over server
How it works

DV Hybrid Backup

Complete Cloud Backup
+Fail over server and on-location back-up
How it works

Transition Call

The Transition Call is an introductory call that will acquaint you with your Dental Vault Team and the onboarding process to ensure that you get off on the right foot. This call’s primary focus is the discovery of your implementation requirements, setting expectations, and scheduling onboarding sessions. To schedule a Transition Call, please click the “Schedule Onboarding Now” button Below.

Fundamentals Call

The Fundamentals Call educates you and your team on the basics of your selected package with Dental Vault. It covers backup sets, backup targets, appliance configurations, failovers, and notifications. We will start this call to guarantee that you have the building blocks of success. These calls are often group calls, including a Dental Vault team member, the client, and/or client staff.

Execution Call

The Execution Call focuses on your specific needs, advanced features of the services, and any questions regarding implementation.
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